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    Submitted by Andrew Griffin

Total Annihilation Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Ziggy

    Campaign Cheat Code

    Click on Total Annihilation's Single Player icon.When the Single Player Game page appears type DRDEATH (it isn't case sensitive).This cause a Cavedog Entertainment bone to appear between the Load Game and Previous Menu icons on the right side of the screen.Clicking on the bone will take players to a special Play Any Game screen where they can play any Total Annihilation mission,even if they have not earned their way to that level yet.

  • PC | Submitted by Daniel Chou

    Commander Build Other Buildings

    Click on a construction unit and push Enter. Then click on the commander and push Enter again. Commander now can build the building that construction unit can!

  • PC | Submitted by Mr_ed (

    Multiplayer Skirmish

    Ten player skirmish: Type [Asterisk]X at the opponent/ally selection screen. To specify another number of players substitute "X" with a roman numeral from 3 to 10. For example, [Asterisk] III will result in a three-player skirmish.
    Cheat mode:Begin a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. Press [Enter] to display the message box. Press [Plus] and enter one of the following codes. Press
    [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enter the code again to de-activate.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Skirmish mode Cheats

    Cheats for total annihilation work on skirmish only press enter to get the
    line then press +

    code description
    cdstart cd music starts
    halfshot all weapons do half the damage
    iwin you win
    ilose you lose
    noenergy drops energy to 0
    nometal drops metal to 0
    control# Lets you to control a different skirmish AI.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Codes

    Press ENTER to get the message line. Then press + and enter one of the following codes. After entering the code, press ENTER to activate the code. To deactivate a code, just enter it again.

    Code Description
    ATM Increase metal and energy by 1000
    Radar Acts like 100% radar coverage
    DoubleShot 2X damage of all weapon fire across board
    Contour# Shows 3d contour mesh; replace # with 1-5
    Dither Changes the gray line-of-sight to a dither
    NowISee Exposes map and turns line-of-sight off
    sing Makes the robots sing
    NOSHAKE Stops screen explosion shakes
    SWITCHALT Allows you to switch between squads with alt+# keys.
    VIEW# Lets you see how much metal and energy a player has.
    METEOR Random Meteor showers on map
    Bigbrother Units say different things when you move them
    clock Show game clock
    honk Units honk sometimes when they stop

Total Annihilation Hints

  • PC | Submitted by lloyd pattenden

    Captured Technology

    To capture the enemys technology you need to build a air transport. With the transport you need wait for there comander to finish building a construction centre of some kind.
    After he has send your air transport out to load it and take it back to your base but not to close or it will get destroyed by your base
    defenses order your commander to capture it and then you can build what the enemy can build providing that there not on the same team e.g. (arm v arm)(core v core)it has to be
    (arm v core). Here is a tip use the cheat
    press ENTER +nowisee to show the entire map to you. And heres another tip DO IT EARLY IN THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.