Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Cheats

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Use Multiple Dragons

    How to play with multiple dragons. You must play as Aramon. Use the Monarch to kill another sides build unit such as a shamen then resurect him from the dead and use him to build that sides dragon. Possible to have all four dragons. Only tried this in skirmish mode

  • PC | Submitted by Annihlator_of_3358

    Make Aircraft Hover

    To make aircraft hover in Total Annihilation first get a plane (peepers or finks work well). Now land the plane and once it is landed tell it to patrol the spot DIRECTLY NEXT TO IT. Just use the patrol icon and move it around until you see a good spot that's touching the plane. If done correctly the plane will get up and if the patrol point is close enough will hover over it. You may find this does not work with larger planes, such as ers. However there is an alternative that works for all. Just lift the plane off and when it gets to the spot right before it starts to land, pause the game. While it is paused, tell the plane to patrol at the place that it is hovering over. It will be confused and stay in one place in the air. Want stationary anti-air that is not vulnerable to gunship or ers? Just get a fighter to hover on the AA lacking area. I find this is more effective that patrolling because sometimes in patrolling the plane is too far away in its patrol route to see the opposing aircraft. Have fun hovering brawlers off the screen. When an enemy unit gets to close to the edge... Boom! And by the time he realizes that you killed that can/bulldog/other unit that you don't wish to be hopelessly slaughtered, you're brawlers will go back to hovering off screen. In order to get them there, you have to have good timing. Figure out how far off you want the planes to hover, and send them over there. You must guess when to press the patrol button because it must be exactly right. I hope you have fun using this neat trick.

  • PC | Submitted by j d g

    Tech Swap

    You need two tech bots click on one press enter now click on the other bot press enter the second bot can now use the first bots techs

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Up to 10 Player Skirmish

    At the opponent/ally select screen type *X . Or substitute the X with a roman numeral between 3 and ten. Example *VI would be a six player skirmish

  • PC | Submitted by Firestone Roc

    Alternate: For All Dragons

    Play as either Taros or zhon. Zhon: build a harpy with the beast tamer and make sure she has full mana (because she very often misses her target). If you, can do this when the unit is standing still for better success. Now tell your harpy to attack the priest of lihr or any other dudes that make dragons. when your harpy catches him get to your base as fast as possible. If there are none of these guys around try caching a mage builder( or priestess or the undead guys builders, I don't remember there names) and tell them to build a keep or whatever and build a priest yourself.
    Taros: Build a temple and build that dark mage or something (Hes the guy who is in a caravan that looks to me like a slug, not the guy on the rug) and do the exact same thing as the harpy. (but the mage has group take over so if you play your cards right who might get some other sweet guys in the deal)

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    After starting a skirmish game or multiplayer mode press [Enter] to pop up the message box. Press + then enter a code below and press [Enter] to activate it. Enter a code again to deactivate it
    atm Fill Mana
    bigbrother Unit say different lines when moved
    bps In multiplayer shows bps transfer rate
    cdstart Start/Stop Music
    clock In-game clock
    combustion Enemies Die
    contour Show a 3D contour type
    control Use a different skirmish AI
    dither Dithering instead of line of sight
    doubleshot Weapons do 2x damage
    fogcolor 1-256 new fog color
    halfshot Weapons do half damage
    honk Honk sound when units stop
    ilose Lose Instantly
    infrared Toggle fog of war
    iwin Instant win
    kill Kill player #
    light Hide shaded object; all buildings dark
    logo 1-9 New logo color
    lotsablood More Blood
    lushee Limited resource increase
    makeposter Screen shot of map in .BMP format
    mapping Dark screen
    meteor Random meteor shower
    nanolathing Nanolathing and metal using doubled
    noenergy No energy
    nometal No metal
    noshake No screen shaking during explosion
    nowisee Full map; disable line of sight
    quit Exit to windows
    radar 100% radar coverage
    reloadaiprofiles Reload AI
    rollingfog Toggle fog with 3d video cards
    screenchat Toggle chat text in multi-player
    seti Toggle radar mini-map
    sfx Toggle sound effects
    sharemapping Share radar information
    shareradar Share radar information
    shootall Units target all enemies
    showranges Hold [Shift] to show range of pointed unit
    sing Units sing when given orders
    switchalt Press number keys to change squads
    tilt Maximum men and material
    view View selected players metal and energy
    zipper Faster unit building

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Select Mission

    After clicking on the Single Player icon type in drdeath at the one player game screen. You will now see a Cavedog Entertainment bone between load game and previous menu. Click it to select mission