Tork: Prehistoric Punk Cheats

Tork: Prehistoric Punk Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by E.L.I

    How to Beat Important Bosses

    RED BORAN: When on the ground, get far away from him. Dodge all the oomerangs he throws. When he comes jumping at you, dodge him. His boomerangs will be stuck. Attack his back and he'll loke damage. Keep doing that and you'll win. When you're a Yeti, you can attack anywhere. NECROMANCER: First, kill his flying minions. When you jump in him, you have to hit the statues until they turn at you. Hit the ones far away with the ranged attack. Start going left because his soul will attack right. Then go right because his soul will attack left. Keep doing that, but it wont count when he uses the big laser blast. When his soul is gone, keep attacking him and make shure you don't fall. The pink circle blast doesn't affect you. MACHINERY MASTER: When his machine is destroyed and you fight head on, keep hitting the bombs at him. When he falls, attack his jetpack. Do that 2 times and he'll go in the air and keep rushing at you. Dodge him 3 times and he'll go back down. Repeat everything until he dies.

Tork: Prehistoric Punk Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by socholotiuk

    Unlock New Creatures to Transform Into

    Armadilo- Beat every level in the prehistoric Hut to unlock the armadilo. Flying squirrel- Beat all levels in the middle age Hut to unlock the Flying Squirrel.