TOCA Touring Car Championship 2 Cheats

TOCA Touring Car Championship 2 Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


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    Player Mode

    Code Effect
    FASTBOY Turbo Mode
    MINICARS Mini Cars
    JUSTFEET Car is Invisible except tires
    ELASTIC Higher Elevated Tracks
    BCASTLE Bouncing Collisions
    TRIPPY Blurred Backgrounds
    PADDED Padded Barriers
    DUBBED Guicker Damage
    LUNAR Low Gravity
    LONGLONG 40 lap race
    BANGBANG New challenge mode option
    TECHLOCK Bonus Track
    MECHANIC All Cars
    BIGLEY All Tracks
    DINKYBIT Oulton Park Island Circuit
    PUNCHY Disable Championship Qualification
    CMFORD Get Ford Mondeo
    CMDIF All Difficulty Levels

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

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    Code Action Code
    All tracks DOUBLE
    All cars CARTASTIC
    GTA type view TOPDOWN
    Blurry horizon HANGOVER
    Full championship distances TIMEOUT
    Battle mode OUCH
    Bouncing crashes RUBBER
    Funny crashes MOVIE
    Reduced gravity HIGHJUMP
    Fast Mode SKATES
    Wheels only SKINNY
    Turbo mode SKATES
    Alternate track appearance GIRDLE
    Move cars out of way REPEL
    Extra Track TECKLOCK
    Turbo On FASTBOY
    Micro Machines Mode MINICARS
    Psychadelic TRIPPY
    Slippery Road CMSLIP