TOCA Touring Car Champ Cheats

TOCA Touring Car Champ Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To enable the following codes, input the code as your driver's name. If done correctly you'll hear 'Cheat Code Enabled"

    JHAMMO Access all tracks

    CMGARAGE Extra cars

    CMNOHITS Collision detection off

    CMCOPTER View of helicopter

    CMCHUN Go-kart view

    CMSTARS Starry sky backdrop

    CMTOON Cartoon horizon

    CMMICRO Overhead viewpoint

    CMDISCO Disco fog

    CMLOGRAV Low gravity (affects cones)

    CMRAINUP Rain falls upwards

    XBOOSTME All car speeds doubled

    CMFOLLOW Trackside camera view

    CMMAYHEM Makes other drivers more aggressive

    CMHANDY Big hands on steering wheel

    CMCATDOG cats and dogs fall on track

    CMINPOSS Increased difficulty

    CMLOCK locks tracks

    CMRAINUP rain falls

    CMUPSIDE drive upside down

    FLEXMOBILE pink car

    PATSCREEN play toca showdown-mirror championship mode

    TANK horn for weapons

    XBOOSTME more speed

    CMBILLY - Race championship Alone

  • PS1 | Submitted by Lindy1

    Unlocking Cars

    15 points Audi TT
    30 points Ford Mustang
    50 points Plymouth Prowler
    75 points Celica GT4
    105 points Dodge Viper
    140 points Lotus 34CR
    180 points Mitsubishi GTO
    225 points AC Superblower
    275 points Subaru Impreza
    335 points Mazda RX7
    400 points AC Aceca
    470 points TVR Cerbera Speed 12
    545 points Bently