Time Crisis 3 Cheats

Time Crisis 3 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Alex Reynoso

    Max Life

    To get Max Life, you have to beat the game once.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    One Stage Trial for both Arcade and Rescue Mission Mode

    Either play in the stage or just beat the entire mode.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Extra Continues

    To Get Extra Continues you Have to Beat A Level[3 Stages] In Story mode.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ryan olesen

    Infinite ammo for sub weapons

    To unlock this beat the game once to get infinite ammo for the machine gun, shotgun, and the Grenade Gun.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Harvey


    Each time you play and use all the continues, you gain another one. Do this until you have 9 continues. If you still use all the continues, Free Play mode will be unlocked. This also grants 9 lives instead of the regular 4. This works in all modes except for Crisis Mode

  • PS2 | Submitted by Harvey


    Beat the Rescue Mode.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Harvey


    Defeat the game once.

  • PS2 | Submitted by josh sanchez

    Infinite sub-weapon ammunition:

    Complete the story mode in under 30 minutes. The "Infinite Sub-Weapon Ammo" bonus option will now be unlocked. It allows you to use the special weapons (machine gun,shotgun,and grenade launcher) infinitely ,without any set limit.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Extra Missions

    When you beat the game you unlock "story mode" and "rescue missions". Every time you get a game over on arcade mode or story mode you will get one extra credit.
    Once game is beaten. You will be able to unlock the mode to change you're health bar to nine instead of four.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Neil Mcquade


    When in arcade mode get game over lots of times every game over you get a credit soon you will have enough to complete arcade mode

Time Crisis 3 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Pat Miner

    Gameplay tips

    Here is something that kills a lot of people. SAVE YOUR GRENADES FOR THE BOSSES! One Grenade can deplete an entire life gauge, even on the final bosses! I try to save it when their gauge turns green (their last life bar before they die) and then find them with a well place BOOM-BOOM! Trust me, works every time. Also, if you shoot something that isn't moving and it flashes, shoot it some more. Usually, it is and e canister of some kind, or your eyes are playing tricks on you. Also, hitting or releasing (depending on your settings) the A or B ( for the Guncon2) is the hide and reload button. Learn it, live it, love it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Billy M & John H

    Hint: Play as Wesley

    Instead of plugging your Guncon2 in the first port and play as Alan, plug it into the second port and play as Wesley to get a different perspective of the game.

  • PS2 | Submitted by josh sanchez

    How to get crisis mode

    Beat Rescue mission and Crisis mode will be available.