Theme Park World Cheats

Theme Park World Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by mikelfc

    More Money

    In any of the parks build a giant puzzle and when the kids are playing it put the price up to $10,000. then you will get $10,000. DONT FORGET TO HIT THE APPLY BUTTON OR IT WONT WORK!!!!! Then lower the price back down to a fairer price. Also put the chance of winning up to max this makes the kids stay longer.

  • PC | Submitted by ann

    Research All Rides

    First you can be on your own one when its loaded (on any world) then get all the scientists you can then go on research, move the rides + and - to the + then move all the rest to the - then put a staff room in and get more scientists if you can.

  • PC | Submitted by Anonymous

    Instant Loops

    Build the rollercoaster pylons till you get to where you want a loop. Move your mouse onto where the loop-pylon buttons is usually, and you should see the glittery effect that comes from normally moving your mouse onto a button and click and build your loop-pylons.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat mode

    Pause game play and type "demo" to enable cheat mode.
    Then, enter one of the following codes during game
    play to activate the corresponding cheat function.
    Effect Code
    $50,000 - [Shift] + C
    All rides - [Ctrl] + Z
    All shops - [Alt] + Z
    Trees, bathrooms, and other facilities - [Shift] + Z

  • PC | Submitted by 97faber

    To go on to any island eg lost kingdom

    When you have got to pick your island you want to go on. hold shift and press and hold the letters (in this order, no spaces)

  • PC | Submitted by Top Dollar

    Golden Ticket

    To aquire a golden ticket, simply build a really high rollercoaster on the highest bit of ground in the park

  • PC | Submitted by jjdhannon

    More Money

    Palce a Fries shop next to a Drinks shop and put the price of the fries right down to $0. Then put the SALT right the way up so there is all possible salt on the fries. DONT FORGET TO CLICK APPLY ON BOTH OR IT WONT WORK!!! The visitors should buy some fries and the salt will dry their mouths out and will need a drink so set the price of the Drinks to $10,000 and they will have to pay for a drink!!!

  • PC | Submitted by Charlie Murray

    Loads of Money Without Using Codes

    How can you get loads of money. Well when you've got loads of children in your park, close your park and then leave it closes for 4 secs and then re-open. All the children will still come out. And then after 2 mins you will get tons of children coming to your park and you will get thousands of money (But you need to have your money to $75 to get a lot.