The Walking Dead Season Two

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next October for a second season, but Darabont will return, and the ratings for season one in the US continue to impress

Okay, so zombiefest The Walking Dead debuted to amazing viewing figures for a cable show in the US, but the question was, would the audience stick around? After all, it was hyped to Hell (we stand accused) so you’d expect a good first night, but the real proof of its success could only be measured in how the ratings fared as the series went on.

So the good news is, the ratings have remained stratospheric.

Episode two dipped slightly to 4.7 million from the premiere’s 5.3 million, but then episode three bounced back to 5.1 million. Considering 4.7 million is a figure any cable channel would be delighted with, anything over 5 million is officially pretty bloody amazing.

The only real cloud on the horizon is that The Hollywood Reporter reckons we’re in for a long wait for season two. Although The Walking Dead was pretty quickly given the greenlight for 13 episodes next year, seems the show may not resurface until next October. But the site is also reporting that writer/director Frank Darabont will return for at least one episode.

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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