The ultimate gift for gamers this holiday season? Premium storage from WD_BLACK

Western Digital
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Gamers can’t help but love the holiday shopping season, if for nothing else than the rush by retailers and digital storefronts to slash prices on the year’s greatest games. These incredible sales may seem like tempting opportunities to gift your favorite gamer with a Game of the Year contender. Before you do that, take a moment to stop and consider an unspoken hurdle for gamers: Does the gift recipient have enough storage for that game?

The answer is most likely no. 

The most recent console generation comes out of the box with just 1 TB of storage, at best. While that sounds like an impressive amount, many of today’s AAA titles can easily take up as much as 100 GB on their own. This limits many gamers to storing just 5-7 AAA titles and a handful of applications on their favorite console. The good news? You often have the option to easily expand your storage capacity for new games, apps, and media. So if you’re looking to give the ultimate gift to your favorite gamer, hold off on adding another title to their library and instead consider giving them a Western Digital storage solution to put that library on.

WD_BLACK for Xbox and PlayStation

The WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox™ leverages the console’s Velocity Architecture to deliver incredible performance similar to your Xbox Series X|S internal storage, meaning a seamless experience and compatibility with the time-saving feature Quick Resume. The expansion card is designed with the sleek WD_BLACK aesthetic to complement your Xbox system while still giving users the benefit of plug-and-play functionality. Simply slot the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox into the Series X|S expansion port on the back of the console, no tools or console disassembly is necessary.

When it comes to PlayStation®, the console pairs with the WD_BLACK SN850P NVMe SSD. The WD_BLACK SN850P NVMe™ SSD is specifically designed for the PS5® M.2 slot for worry-free installation and includes an optimized heatsink with the classic WD_BLACK look and feel to keep things cool. The NVMe SSD from WD_BLACK allows gamers to add up to 4 TB* of storage to their PS5 — quadrupling the space for games that are on sale! With that much space, you might never have to kick a game off your drive and into the backlog pile. 

Purpose-built storage you can trust

Western Digital

(Image credit: Western Digital)

Western Digital has a long history of developing purpose-built storage solutions that are reliable and high-performing; qualities that gamers depend on when it comes to trusting a storage solution. Gamers spend hundreds of hours exploring every nook and cranny of an in-game world, and at the back of their minds is a nagging fear of a corrupted save file or tedious, long loading times. WD_BLACK is a premium storage solution designed for the needs of any  gamer and optimized to provide the best in-game experience possible, time, and time again.

Instead of gifting a game that may sit in your favorite gamer’s backlog until the end of time, give the ultimate gift that keeps on giving: high-performing storage from WD_BLACK.

*1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on the operating environment.