The history of the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends

Apex Legends
(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends is a battle royale that isn't afraid of change, whether it's offering new maps, new characters, or new weapons that hook you into its vibrant world.

When Apex Legends surprise dropped in February 2019, the battle royale genre was forever changed. Not only did it give us a colorful new world set in the familiar Titanfall universe, but it brought in a cast of lovable characters (Legends), each with their own skill sets, who you could connect with through extensive external lore. Add all of that to an ever-shifting game with new weapons, new maps, and new game modes, and Apex Legends is unlike any other battle royale game out there.

How much has Apex Legends changed in the short time it's been around? The short answer is: a lot. The longer answer shows an impressive road map of new Legends, new weapons, and completely new maps to play a shifting variety of game modes on - every season of Apex Legends has brought a new character into the fold and updated loot, weapons, and more to tweak the way the game is played.

Don't fret - as Apex Legends doesn't require a deep understanding of its history and lore to enjoy it - it's the kind of game you can jump into at any time. But, it's cool to know what came before the current season 7, right? Check out the video below for the complete history of the ever-evolving Apex Legends, and read on for a lightning fast breakdown. 

The first season (Wild Frontier) dropped in a brand-new, fast-talking, fast-running Legend named Octane, who quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his ability to easily traverse the map's open areas. But when season 2 came around, an electrifying new Legend named Wattson made holding up a building with your teammates even easier, thanks to her defensive perimeter fences. 

Well before the game's one year anniversary, Apex Legends season 3: Meltdown dramatically shook things up with a brand-new map. World's Edge is a partially-frozen wasteland with liquid-hot magma running through it - but the season's Legend, Crypto, lets you easily scope out dangerous areas ahead of time (and fire off a lethal round with the new Charge Rifle). 


Revenant (Image credit: Respawn)

Season 4: Assimilation introduced a terrifying new Legend named Revenant (who killed Forge, the Legend we all thought was going to debut in Season 4). Revenant's abilities allow players to be even more aggressive on the wide-open map - although the introduction of the Sentinel sniper rifle made it even easier to take out people from afar.

Then came Loba, a Legend who ushered in Apex Legends season 5: Fortune's Favor, and brought with her a fantastic collection of abilities for those interested in getting the best loot as quickly as possible. Loba's intro also came with a brand-new game mode for Apex Legends: Quests, which are PvE matches offering up a character-driven story. Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted introduced the gun-crazy Rampart, and a powerful new Volt SMG into the mix. But it's the crafting system that shook things up even more, letting players find supplies throughout the map to craft hard-to-find loot. 

But once again, Apex Legends sought to evolve further. Season 7: Ascension took us to a brand-new map called Olympus, gave us a vehicle to drive around, and introduced us to Horizon, an offensive Legend with some seriously space-y abilities. Oh, Apex Legends debuted on Steam, adding another platform into the mix. 

If that's a lot for you to take in, make sure to watch the video detailing the complete history of Apex Legends, so you can get an idea of just how epic the gameworld is.