Test Drive: LeMans Cheats

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  • FAQ

    Submitted by Wolfgang Weisz
  • FAQ

    Submitted by Wolfgang Weisz

Test Drive: LeMans Cheats

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Brenton

    All Tracks & Cars & Championships

    For all tracks type in "GOOZ" as your name.
    For all the cars type in "MONSTA" as your name.
    For all the Championships type in "CARNAGE" as your name.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Jaguar XR9 LM Concept Car

    Finish the quick race mode and get 1st place on all races

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Name Cheats

    Use the following names to get the following cars/tracks
    Name to Use Result
    NAIMAR Get Space race Track
    TATOO All Cars/Tracks for Quick Race
    POHLIN 1999 BMW Concept Car
    FIRSTON Win Race
    JACKPOT New Load Screen
    FROMAGE Cheese Car
    MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7 Get Different Cars
    PIE Get Pie Car
    PINOU Get 1999 Toyota GT1
    MAYOU Get 1999 Audi RSR Concept
    HOTDOG Get Hot Dog Game
    PIZZA Get Pizza Car

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Put in the following names to get the indicated effect
    FIRSTON Automatic win
    NAIMAR Speed race track
    TATOO All cars & tracks
    MAYOU Get 1999 Audi Prototype Car
    BIGGY1-8 Get 8 Beach Buggies
    JACKPOT Swimsuit girl
    POHLIN 1999 BMW Prototype Car
    HOTDOG Get Hot Dog Car
    PIE Get Pie car
    FROMAGE Get Cheese car
    PIZZA Get Pizza car
    MM1 Get Spaceship
    MM2 Get Jet
    MM3 get Mad Car
    MM4 Get Taxi
    MM5 Get 1960 Bus
    MM6 Get Ice Cream Truck
    MM7 Get Sub

  • PC | Submitted by shane jensen

    Jump The Wall

    To jump the wall you must go to practice select any car and track after you do 1 lap
    clip the wall to go into the pits and you will jump the wall