Temple of Elemental Evil Cheats

Temple of Elemental Evil Hints

  • PC | Submitted by cid 101

    Lots Of Money

    This ones neat. First is that if you notice that a character holds a numbered item that cannot be moved, dropped etc. collect many of that item and if you collected enough, sell all of them. There will be a note saying that the npc will not drop the item but upon the process of selling your money will increase without loosing that item.

  • PC | Submitted by Dragon-Master

    Flaming Death

    In order to do this cheat you must have a level 3 Druid.
    After you get a level 3 Druid, make at least one of his level 2 magic skills Produce Flame (I think it's one of his level 1 magic skills, I'm not sure) . Cast Produce Flame, then right click to bring up the radial menu (You must have your Druid that casted Produce Flame selected). Then move your cursor over to the picture of a sword, after that move your cursor over to the word "offense". Then move your cursor over to the words "Discharge Touch Attack", then select the target you want to attack. Even though the words are red it will still allow your to use it and you can use it over and over until your target is dead. (Note: This works GREAT against large armies

Temple of Elemental Evil Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Mahlachi

    Helpful Money Getting Hint

    When you wish to dismiss a party member, instead of dismissing them use offensive attack on them and kill them if you do it gives XP and you may take they're items and money. While doing so they do not fight back they just make comments like "watch it" "i am on your team" ...ect. But a quick warning before you do 1 save first because if you want them back they you need to reload the game or they are gone if you save after killing it is easier than slaying townsfolk and having the whole town jump you also try not to use this method on pairs like the monk and man at arms in the inn of the first town. they are harder to kill and if you kill one the other gets mad....trust me....also level up before going to moat house the frogs gang up on you.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Start the game using the command line parameters listed below. Example ToEE.exe - nofog. To create a command line parameter make a shortcut to the game on your desktop and right click the shortcut to edit the properties. Where it loads the game just add the -nofog or whatever option below:
    -startmap (map)

  • PC | Submitted by clinton maxwell jeffery allan jr. III

    All Stats 18

    When you are creating a character and you are determining its stat points select advanced then build a stat up to 18 drag the 18 over to the right of the arrows that buy stat points (if you did it right the number will disappear if not just try again) now switch back to basic rolling there should be an 18 in the yellow box now go back to advanced and repeat process until all the yellow boxes have 18s in them switch over to basic and put the 18s in the white boxes and then continue to make the rest of your character