Supersize Brandon

First it was Lindsay Lohan’s chest in Herbie, now there’s a new movie-star appendage causing problems on the big screen. Well, according to those slavishly truthful newshounds at The Sun, anyways… They’ve posted a report claiming that the new Superman, Brandon Routh, is so adept at filling his famous red underpants, his “lunchbox” might need digital reduction before Superman Returns hits cinemas next summer.

A source (unnamed, naturally) told the red-top that 26-year-old Routh’s ‘special powers’ have led to a “major issue for the studio” and that the producers “don’t want it up on the big screen.” Routh’s assuming Supe’s cape from the late, great Christopher Reeve in Bryan Singer new version of the superhero story, which picks up where Superman II left off (rightly ignoring the woeful third and fourth instalments).

So many cheap puns, so little time. Please feel free to insert your own here...