Superman Returns in new screens

Thursday 21 September 2006
After being sucked into the black hole of release day delay for what seems like months - because it is - Superman Returns, the all-action tie-in to this year's so-so superhero movie, is back in a great batch of screens, showing off some new enemies and more of the Man of Steel's epic ruckus with the skyscraper-tall Metallo.

We're puzzled though, because for all that time in extended development - the game was originally due to launch alongside the film earlier this summer - Superman Returns doesn't look much different from the version we saw way back in May. Although these Xbox 360 images certainly are pretty.

Above: Metallo rampages through Metropolis in what should be the best moments of Superman Returns

Superman Returns is now likely to touch down at the same time as the DVD version of the film, sometime in December. Until then, we're expecting the red-caped wonder to make a number of re-appearances, hopefully displaying its tweaked and toned gameplay muscles to explain why we've had to wait so long.

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