Superman Returns in motion

EA has released a trailer and fresh details about its Superman Returns game, which will accompany the summer release of the Warner Bros. film.

The trailer has Superman battling the evil Metallo in the streets of Metropolis, which will comprise 80 virtual squares miles of bustling fictional city, including over 1,000 buildings. The Man of Steel will be able to explore all of this freely as he protects the city's people from natural and not-so-natural disasters. If it looks a little too gorgeous to be true, be aware that it is indeed a pre-rendered video - however, it is using character models and the cityscape created for the Xbox 360 version of the game, so the final result actually could approach this level of quality.

Citizens will alert Superman to danger by screaming and acting like big children,and oftencheer the hero on, leaving their cars to take pictures whenever he shows up.

Take a look at the trailer on the movies tab above to see Superman demonstrate several of his super-powers in the game, including the ability to fly through the air at 800mph, becoming a superhuman missile. Then there's his heat vision, which can melt metal or be focused to slice through objects.