Supercross Circuit Cheats

Supercross Circuit Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Kendall B

    Get Invisible Bikes

    Go to bonus items and put in FLOATING

  • PS1 | Submitted by bernie 012

    Big Helmets

    Go to bonus items and put in big_helmets

  • PS1 | Submitted by goss boy

    Get money for 250's

    When you buy a 125, get the midrange suspension package.That way, when you buy a 250, you will have plenty af money since you didn't waste it all on 3 different suspension packages!

  • PS1 | Submitted by john

    Get All Bikes

    Type "ALLBIKES" as a name to get all bikes

  • PS1 | Submitted by Da man

    Sheep race

    (INVALID CODE?? This code was reported invalid by Users-You Decide! Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn't?)

    To get sheep race you must type in "mutton"

  • PS1 | Submitted by kendall brannen

    Get Headless Riders

    Go to bonus items and put in SLEEPYHOLLOW

  • PS1 | Submitted by Stickel

    Easy Money

    To win way more money without losing credit (play another again) just buy the pipe that's it nothing else then you'll have enough $ to buy a 250 and a lot of extra parts!!