Super sized Superman

It’s become almost routine for the latest big releases from Warner Bros to go into Imax at the same time as hitting regular fleapits. And now they’re taking the next leap over a tall screen in a single bound. Superman Returns will be converted to 3D Imax.

Well, 20 minutes of it, anyway. While the conversion technology can’t quite cope with a full-length, live-action film that wasn’t originally made for 3D, it’s clearly a step along the way. It’s all part of IMAX’s drive to try and create an experience that can’t be matched by home entertainment systems. We think they’re forgetting the baseball bats to deal with talkative customers.

Still, Bryan Singer is enthusiastic: “The film will look, sound and feel absolutely amazing," he blabbed to Variety. “And the experience will envelope audiences in this story, enabling them to feel the emotion, drama and suspense in a completely new and unique way.” He added, “And you thought the codpiece looks big now? Just you wait and see…” Okay, we’re kidding about the last bit.