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  • PC | Submitted by ur mum

    Alternate Ending

    After you defeat Machival, instead of going in the forge of Urath, leave out of the door, enjoy!

Summoner Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Silas Farra

    All the Gold You Want

    When you enter the old part of lenele there is a sewer cleaner in a allyway he will pay you 50 gold for a bacitite tail. Go into the sewer and kill as many bacitites as you want then leave the sewer and collect the reward then go back all the bacitites will be back. and do the same thing. if you kill all the bacitites it will complete the quest he gives you and there won't be any more bacitittes to kill to get gold.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Chain Mail Chest

    Alright here's the deal on the chain mail chest. In the catacombs if you go down the long tunnel entrance you will come to a crossroad. You may not have noticed it but it is a crossroad. You can follow the white bone stuff and go up which gets you the chain mail (suggested to use on the summoner, I forgot his name) then you go down the hill and continue the game

  • PC | Submitted by tevin


    Press shift and ~ to teleport

  • PC | Submitted by Jacobeli

    7000 gold?

    OK, this is one is a little complicated but 7000 gold is worth it. First get to the city of Laneele and then run past it on the world map until u run into a random encounter called Night hills. it should be right past the mountains. When you get there kill everything. To be able to kill everything doesn't take much. Just be at least level 7 and have some cloth armor and Fleece with you and you can do it. Loot the bodies and you'll find a red gem. Take the gem to the Lanelle outskirts and sell it to the chemist merchant right in front of the city gates and you'll get 7000 gold in return. The monsters in the hills drop some other valuables too but the gem is the best one