Still playing Blue Dragon?

Oct 29, 2007

Microsoft sends word that a new batch of Blue Dragon download content has arrived on Xbox Live Marketplace, which should excite anyone still trawling through the Mistwalker RPG.

The very reasonably priced pack (200 MS points - £1.70 or $2.50) gives you a batch of new items including The Nothing Glasses, Spring Breeze Kerchief, Devee Phonograph, Whimsical Heart, Master Thief Manual, and Shuffle Helmet.

Each does something relatively exciting (in RPG terms) such as the Shuffle Helmet that boosts your magical power and the Nothing Glasses, which mark all the areas on your map where you get Nothings for looting. Useful.

Something there for the fans who've already killed off the 60 hours of original gameplay, then. Sure as hell isn’t us.

Courtesy of CVG.