Starsiege Tribes Cheats

Starsiege Tribes Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by jack ellis

    All Weapons with Light Armor

    When you are playing, press the ~ button then type in $testcheats=l. you will have all weapons with light armor.
    Sniper Cheat
    If you are a Engineer and are playing the old version of Renegades you can crouch and not die from a bulleted weapon.
    Find your crouch button on your keyboard and then when you are in Engineer armor you can walk out side( while holding down crouch button) and snipe without fear of being killed from another sniper! YOU MUST BE IN ENGINEER ARMOR AND BE PLAYING THE *OLD* VERSION OF RENEGADES!!
    Flying Dead Guy
    This isn't really a cheat, but it's really funny. First, in the Raindance mission, take control of the rocket turret. When a teammate gets a scout from the vehicle pad, shoot it once. Then, when he hops into it to get away, wait until he starts moving fast and hit it again. It will explode, and your teammate will go flying into the distance. This is best seen when you're in command mode, and you see your teammate half way across the map!
    Free Ammo
    Type tribes rules for 100 disc and 100 bullets for sniper gun

  • PC | Submitted by darknetwork

    Various Cheats

    First go to the console window and type
    $testcheats=1; then you can type down the following....
    giveall(); = get all weapons and ammo is all 200. (You will have 200 mines and so on)
    setarmor(larmor); = use light armor
    setarmor(marmor); = use medium armor
    setarmor(harmor); = use heavy armor
    Rapid Fire cheat...
    first type setarmor(larmor);giveall(); in the console window then keep pressing Up+Enter+Fire Button.