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    Submitted by Exdeath

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  • PS1 | Submitted by Buck Hickman

    Bonus Dungeon Statues

    In the Bounus Dungeon there are 7 statues to face in a direction (N,S,E,W) in order to continue on to the boss of the floor. Face the statues in these directions:
    1 Christina South
    2 Feria East
    3 Luke North
    4 Loyd East
    5 Maid Milene South
    6 Sharon West
    7 Yufie South

  • PS1 | Submitted by Daniel Capizzo (

    Hidden Dungeon

    Save in front of the last boss, and leave the final dungeon. Proceed to fun city and talk to the old man in the back area of the colusseum. Say yes to all his questions, and you'll be transported back to expel, in Arlia. You'll notice two important things that are different: 1.There is a penguin walking around where you appear, talk to him and call him silly, he'll kick you back to Nede.
    2. When you leave, there will be Synard waiting for you. Hop on it and head to the area you couldn't access without it, the
    dungeon should be glowing with a red dot. Land and enter. The special dungeon is very tough, much harder than the regular last fact, you'll start out fighting harder enemies than you saw in the normal last dungeon on the very first floor.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Daniel Capizzo (

    Hidden Dungeon Tips

    The Hidden dungeon is tough and interesting at the same time. There a various enemies here that have a word in front of their name that are very tough...however, there are weapons [normally useless] that have that same word that wil kill the enemy with one hit. Example: Lvl.99 Funny Thief...pretty tough, Lvl.99 Funny Thief when someone has the Funny hit kill. On the sixth level, there will be a man who occasionally appears in the statue room. He sells very rare stuff, including all the rare metals, the real tri-emblem [not the fake "emplem"], and items that can teleport you out of the dungeon...for you see, there are no save points, so if you are on level 13 of the dungeon and die, your screwed, so you must leave to save on occasion, and when you re-enter there will be methods of going down quickly, such as a trap door. The dungeon also contains very powerful
    equipment, including [but not limited to] The Levantine Sword, Ashton's ultimate attack, Leon's ultimate attack, Celine's ultimate attack, the angel armband,several pair of bunny shoes, and the valiant armor. As far as monsters go, from around level 3 onward, you may run into boss class monsters as normal can even run into the last boss of the dungeon as a normal enemy, so be careful.

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Extra Hard Levels

    Get over 45% of the voice collection. A phrase should appear on the button in the lower right corner of the screen. Press this button to get new levels like Universal where monsters have 2x HP

  • PS1 | Submitted by Fernando O'Connor (

    Stealing Mishchief

    I am sure that there have been thousands of us that tried to steal this little item on the first disk (available during a PA {private action} in the port town Clik just before it gets an earthquake AND a tsunami!). Here's a clue: you CANNOT steal it if you do not have the secondary skill or DEXTERITY. Will not happen. Even if you level up your Pickpocket ability to max (10), you cannot steal. You cannot steal ANYTHING for that matter. So before you even try doing these things, make sure you have that secondary ability, or else you have to go in group form, and then everyone starts disliking you (this affects the 87 some odd different endings. Happy Thieving!!

  • PS1 | Submitted by Daniel Capizzo (

    Priest's Password

    In the demon's den there is a glass priest who asks you for the special word necessary to get the cardkey. The password is "APOCA".

  • PS1 | Submitted by Daniel Capizzo (

    Easy Money

    When you get your Super Specialty Skill "Master Chef" up to level 6 or higher, go to a store that sells fruits, vegetables, and
    egg/dairy products. But 20 of each, then go to Super Specialty Skills and choose "Master Chef" in the item screen, then pick 1
    fruit and 1 dairy. Every other try or so (depending on your skill level) you should create "Coconut Milk" which sells for overy
    1000 Fol a piece!! You can also take 2 vegetables and make "Fried Vegetables" which sells for over 2000 Fol a piece!

    Keep creating the food until you run out of ingredients then go sell everything you created, buy more ingredients and do it again
    until you have the desired amount of money you want.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Wizmaster (

    Acquire Secret item available in the 2nd disc

    Get a treasure chest from a man in Mars next to the inn. Pickpocket him and go outside and save, because you might not get the Marvel Sword the first time. It gives you 3 random items. One of them could be the Marvel Sword for Claude, Oriental Blade for Dias, Lotus Eater for Ashton, Sorcress gloves for Rena, or the silver rod for Celine, ect

  • PS1 | Submitted by Daniel Capizzo (

    Easy Skill Level Gain

    For an easy way to level up skills, you need to level up the perserverance skill to level 10. After you do this, leveling up the other skills will be much easier. For example making it where you can level up most skills with just one Skill Point.