Speed Devils Cheats

Speed Devils Cheats

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Sam Drennen

    Play as Driver X


  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Commander Joe

    Various Codes

    All Cars and Tracks
    While playing a game, press B, Right, B, Right,
    Up, B, Up.
    Extra money
    While playing a game, press A, Right, A, Right,
    Up, B, A.
    Infinite nitros
    While playing a game, press Down, Up, Down,
    Up, A, X, A.
    Get Full Pause Screen
    Pause the game with START then hold X + Y
    Skip current class
    While playing a game, press Down, Right,
    Down, Right, A, X, A.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by BReAKeR + TaGeR

    Get The MYSTERE In ANY Class

    First go in 2 the car dealer. Then press A on either the cortex or the bel ray. Almost right after you press A,quickly switch 2 the MYSTERE. It should show the transmition sign (on the MYSTERE).
    BIG HINT!: Make sure you switch cars right after you hear a chiching sound,and before you see the transmiton (automatic or manual) sign. ALSO make sure you have a lot of $$$. To get that money just do the $100,000 code a couple o times. The MYSTERE costs either $20,000 or $200,000.