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Special Pokemon-themed DSi systems arrive for Black & White

Pokemon fans are no doubt holding their breath for the upcoming launch of Pokemon Black and White. On March 6 dozens of new creatures will invade the US and begin their quest to consume hundreds of hours offree time. And if you just can't put a cap on your Poke-pride, there's a new way to flex your fandom - limited edition bundles that come with Pokemon-slathered DSi units.

As you might expect, the Black bundle comes with a black DSi, while the White bundle ships with a white unit. Both are etched with subtle outlines of legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom, the cover stars for this new generation. In addition to the DSi system, each bundle comes with a copy of its respective Pokemon game as well as an exclusive carrying case. The bundles will be available on launch day and willrun you$180.

Pokemon Black and White bring a lot of new improvements and features to the long-running RPG series. New battle types - triple and rotation battles - are added to the mix, the graphics have been improved andPokemon animations are finally stepping to the next level. The camera will shift and Pokemon themselves will actually move around on-screen, instead of the static animation style that has been around since the days of the original Game Boy. We've been preparing you for the Black and White launch for weeks now -have a look, won't you?

Feb 23, 2011

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