Soviet Strike Cheats

Soviet Strike Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Jayson Trout

    Infinite lives,ammo, and fuel

    Enter "THEBIGBOYS" at the password screen.

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlimited Lives, Armor and Ammo

    Enter the code midnighoil on the code screen

  • PS1 | Submitted by Chris Brosseau


    At password screen enter:FUGAZI

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Crimea Strike-1 :

    Destroy two radar sitesThis one just gets you into the swing of things but there'sstill danger involved if you don't take out the radar'sdefences before you go in for the kill. Use rockets for a quickand effective strike.
    2 : Rescue captured agentsUse the shoulder buttons to fly around the base and take out the gun towers with your chain-gun. The captured agents are in the large huts, but make sure that all defences are taken out before going in for them. Make sure that you don't attack the friendlies as they escape the huts.
    3 : Destroy the airfieldTake out the perimeter defences of the airfield first, then goon to the ice to destroy the helicopters before they take off.All of the buildings have to be blown up to complete this part of the mission, but watch out for snipers inside.
    4 : Rescue 14 prisonersThe 'POW' camp is heavily guarded at its entrance. You can fly directly in and try to blow the place to pieces but there'sanother option. Just south of the camp is a landing pad and alarge enemy vehicle. Take out the guards and land on the pad andNick will jump into the vehicle. Now follow him to the base as Nick ploughs his way through, doing some serious damage.Fill your chopper with POWs and drop them at the 'LZ' to thenorth, then make sure that you collect Nick before he gets shot.Find the other prisoners in the camp to the north. To the westof this camp is an extra life - just shoot the three tents.
    5 : Hit enemy HQ, Capture commanders Head into the town area in the centre of the map and detroy allof the buildings. You need to capture three KGB agents who willthen give you information. One of the agents will try to escapein an armoured vehicle, so go after it.6 : Destroy terrorist camp Make sure that the power station is totally destroyed before yougo into the camp. It's best to attack the camp from the south,using the valley to get there. Destroying the camp is a caseof using brute force and making sure that you re-fuel and re-arm when needed.7: Eavesdrop, destroy castleGo to the castle in the north and destroy its defences.Drop Nick off, and wait for him to set the bomb.Wait in the courtyard until he appears, then get out of there before the place goes up.
    Level Two : GRANDTHEFT
    Level Three : GROZNEY
    Level Four : CHERNOBYL
    Level Five : CIVILWAR