Soulbringer Cheats

Soulbringer Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by joseph garcia

    God Mode, Fly Mode, etc., etc.

    Press / to display the talk feature, then type the desired code and press enter
    God mode -- iamgod
    Full health -- smoghead
    Enable debug mode -- debug on
    Disable debug mode -- debug off
    God mode in last stage -- iamgoddess
    Kill nearby enemies -- giants
    Land with flight mode -- active drop
    List weapon names in debug mode -- all weapons
    Obtain indicated item -- gimme ****
    Remove fog -- foghack
    Switch view to nearest enemy -- switch
    Toggle flight mode -- enabled fly
    Unlock doors -- opensezme
    Developer mode:
    Hold down Shift while starting the game. Go to the "Developer Mode" tab and select the options you want.

  • PC | Submitted by decell

    1000 Exp Over & Over

    1. Return to Shadowguard after Chant's father (Lord Bane) dies and you have destroyed Lightstealer.
    2. Proceed up Shadow Pass, through the Bloodlands and into Tortalaran. As you enter Tortalaran you will complete 2 quest (I don't know which) and receive 1000 Exp.
    3. Proceed right up to the gates where Lightstealer died, click the gates and Chant (alive or dead) will tell you its time to return to Shadowguard.
    4. After loading, the screen may remain black, just enter your inventory with 'I' then exit it.
    5. Now you can see but your stuck in movie mode. Leave the Church of the WhiteMoon back to Shadowguard and make a right (by your characters POV) over to the grave where a woman morns. Click her an a quick movie will play and return you to normal mode.
    6. Rinse and repeat for 1000 Exp everytime and no fighting.