Sonic's secret ring seen...?

Monday 22 January 2007
A spiky bundle of new shots from Sega's Wii work in progress, Sonic and the Secret Rings, have hot footed it our way and show the intrepid hedgehog making a dash for some precariously placed red rings - could these be the eponymous treasures of the game's title? We think so.

Other images give us another look at the pointy-toothed Jurassic hazards that inhabit a jungle level of Sonic's adventure - it looks like the iconic ring collector uses a high-velocity burst to accelerate away from stampeding triceratops, and is that swirly, monochrome effect with the t-rex the result of a special power?

While this latest flurry of shots have left us guessing, if there's one thing we're absolutely positive of it's that Secret Rings will be way better than Sonic's dire run out on Xbox 360. Fingers crossed.