Sonic Wild Fire

We'll be the first to stand up and shout down all the rabid Sonic fanboyswho say the franchise hasn't slid into desperate times. The past few games (and associated spin-offs) have been pretty damn sad, but Sega's first Wii attempt might be worth a look - so please, have a peek at our new shots of the Arabian-themed footrace.

Ourhands-onat E3 introduced us to a fairly straightforward racer that has you tilting the Wii-mote to steer Sonic, and rocking it forward to attack enemies while flying through the air. Despite removing all the adventuresome, platformy bits of the past games, the sense of speed exceeded our expectations and actually had us missing the little blue guy.

Sonic Wild Fire is still a working title and is expected to come out sometime in 2007.

August 1, 2006