Sonic goes it alone

Tuesday 9 May 2006
Sega has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog will be going it alone for his Wii debut in 2007 in an adventure game using the working title Sonic Wild Fire.

Sonic hasn't appeared in a game purely by himself since he first appeared on Mega Drive back in 1991, but that isn't the only thing different about the new Wii adventure, as Sonic Wild Fire will make full use of the motion sensitive controller.

Holding the wand horizontally with two hands, gamers must tilt it left or right to control the movement of the speeding hedgehog. If the pad is flung forward (presumably still keeping hold of it) this will activated Sonic's dash attack which can break down barriers and take out enemies.

The motion sensing capability of the Wii wand will also be compatible with the game's various unlockable minigames, many of which are multiplayer.

The premise of the game has Sonic trying to complete an Arabian Night's storybook, the last few pages of which have gone missing. To do this Sonic must recreate the missing bits of the story. The Middle Eastern vibe is reflected in the look of the game which will feature palms trees, oases and coloured mosaic tiles.