Sonic gets bullet-time

Joy of joys. We've got a new video from what we're all hoping is the Mr. The Hedgehog's sweet, sweet comeback song: Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sure, you'll see the precious blue thunder-bolt zipping through lush landscapes, but that's to be expected in any Sonic game by now. What's showcased in today's video looks to be one ofour hero'smany (many) new abilities.

Apparently, all those fiery little orbs we've seen him snagging aren't for his own personal collection. Rather, they go towards a meter on the right side of the screen that's attributed to the Time Break. When executed, the screens goes all monochrome, andwill slow down as if Sonic were one of Keanu Reeves' bullets, giving him the ability to move with more accuracy even while moving at a lightning-fast pace. We'll let you guess what the Speed Break is.

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February 6, 2007