Skateboard Park Tycoon 2004 Cheats

Skateboard Park Tycoon 2004 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by popo

    Various Cheats

    During gameplay type in a cheat below:
    iamacheater - Cheat Codes Activated
    catdebug - Debug mode on
    enginedebug - ???
    moviecapture - ???
    After typing in the iamacheater code use these:
    ALT + Z - More skaters
    ALT + C - Practice, More Skaters & Bonus
    CTRL + M - Get $10,000
    Secret Areas
    In Venice Beach: Get On top of the buildings at the front of your park. ride along them on the right side until you fall into an alley. Skate into the narrow wall and you will be in a tunnel covered in blue boosters. You will come out of another building and fly into the air.
    In Paris: There Are Three tunnels like the one mentioned in Venice beach. The first two are on either side of the effile tower. Go to the back side of the tower and turn around, you should see a slope to get back up a flat wall on each side, if you don't you are probably on the wrong side of the tower. Skate into the walls until you go through them you should be in another tunnel, That ends in the middle of a path and shoots you towards the arch. The third tunnel is under that big arch. Go under it and jump up onto one of the inside walls you should go right through and down a slope. Go down the slope and you will see a tunnel that will shoot you out right in front of the effile tower.
    In Rome: Haven't found any yet but I will post it if I do.
    Myan Temple: Haven't found any yet.
    In China: There are Four tunnels and one secret room. The tunnels are all in the little river that runs through the middle (except for one). Jump in and skate through the water (you wont drown it's shallow) the first tunnel is under the middle bridge skate into the wall directly below it and you will go through and into a tunnel that shoots you out right in front of the building with all the tunnels. The other two in the river are located on either end of the river. Just skate through the walls and you will be in a tunnel that will shoot you out in the middle of an arch. The Last tunnel is on the roof of the building with all of the tunnels in it. build a 9' street roll-in at the top of the slope with the boosters on it . Go off it and get on the roof there is a tunnel through the middle of it that has invisible boosters in it. The Secret room is on the far side of the river just put a small one foot ramp on the side of the river and jump straight at the wall you should go through and be in a small room with a red light.

  • PC | Submitted by greg

    Big Points In Secret Passage

    Go to the first level. First, get some skaters. When one comes, right click on him/her. Click on exhibition. You will see a big white tower like thing. Go behind it. If you look hard enough, you might see a black out-line. DO NOT WORRY if you don't!!!! Just go a little way away from it, turn around, and skate at the middle. You will then be in a tunnel. Ounce in the air (for lots of points, right when you leave the ground) hold the slomo button (just left of the 1 key). Push up right down left Ctrl. Push this about 5 times. McTwist is also a good trick to use. Just push F1 while skating for that and more tricks to use.