Silent Bomber Cheats

Silent Bomber Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beating Chess

    First, if you managed to get a lot of E-chips, set your shield to max (60%) and your range to as high at it will go. [You should only need 2 bombs at a time.] Quickly dispose of the pawns with your lock on ASAP and ALWAYS KEEP MOVING.
    The Knights should be the ONLY time you may want to switch your range down and your # of bombs up. Just trail them behind you and set them off when the knights walk in.
    Switch back to long range for the Rook and Bishop. Keep moving and use your lock-on quickly when they stop moving.
    When the Queen shows up, get your lock-on right away [BUT DON'T FIRE YOUR BOMB] and keep moving while keeping an eye on the barrier. Once the barrier drops, fire your lock-on and detonate.
    NOTE: If you run right to the bottom edge of the board, THE QUEEN CANNOT RUN INTO YOU. You will, however, still need to avoid the Knights/Pawns so keep running back and forth along the edge.
    Finally, when Benoit becomes the King, you probably want a balance of range and # of bombs. (Try not to get swept in by the distracting background.) Keep moving and use your lock-on to bomb the THREE benoits. DON'T FORGET TO JUMP WHEN THE LARGE HOLOGRAM APPEARS! Good luck you'll need it.
    Any one know how to unlock all the characters in versus mode?!

  • PS1 | Submitted by MasterBardok

    VR arena characters

    To collect more people in the VR arena you just have to blow up stuff until you find a Data Chip. But these Chips are not as common as E-chips. You must blow up some non-needed consols and other stuff to get them. And for some of the Characters you might need to get a high rating on each mission. But for now there are no cheats for the rest of the game. Unless you have a GS(Game Shark). Thankyou

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beating The Mutants

    Having trouble saving the girl in the middle of the room?
    First, set your armour to standard (No E-chips) and balance the rest in range and # of bombs. If you need energy, there are two 50% energy tanks on the northeast and northwest corners.
    Once you have their attention, set a large bomb for them to walk/jump into.
    If there are three or more of them, set a large stack of GRAVITY BOMBS and set it off when they're in range. Stand at a safe distance while the gravity goes off and throw in some high level lock-on bombs from a distance for extra damage.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Jeff

    Advanced Mode

    To earn advanced mode, you need to beat the game successfuly. Once unlocked, you can go back to previous missions and get essantial data chips.