Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Cheats

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Different story Mode

    After you beat the game for the first time, you will be able to get an alternate story mode by getting characters early in the game. Ex. I got mawlock before the first level started.

  • GBA | Submitted by Punkskater195207

    Hidden characters

    Domingo- to the witch in the room with the odd statue she'll give you his egg 2. when you go to pao the second time a man in the item shop will hatch the egg
    Guntz- in the sheep pen in poa the second time
    kokichi- search his machine after you free Zylo from his poison
    Lyle- you get him by talking to him
    Muasashi- read the signs in Karin's village then go search the statue in the middle of the town
    Hanzo- search all the signs then go to the big fish in the mermaid village.

  • GBA | Submitted by chazzer


    "vankar's card"
    speak to vankar 3 times in headquarters

    "zuika's card"
    frequently talk with zuikain the headquarters

    "vogurt ring"
    use th ring to teammates to turn them to vogurts

    "max's card"
    finish the entire game

    "narsha's card"
    frequently talk to narsha in th headquarters

    "gong's card"
    talk to the woman inside gong's hut

    "guntz's card"
    speak to guntz 3 times in the headquarters

    "kane's cards"
    defeat kane with max

    "kokicki's card"
    talk to kokicki's helper after he flies off the cliff

    "marionette's card"
    have gort kill marionette

    "earnest's card"
    in a bookshelf in the upstairs of the fortress before the battle against balloezack

    "pelle's card"
    speak to pelle 3 times at the headquarters

    "amon's card"
    balbaroy will give it to you

    "domingo's card"
    go to the second pao pig pen

    "anri card"
    in manarina in a chest in vip mages room

    "zylo card"
    examine the sign on the church in bustoke

    "adam card"
    in the runefaust castle on the opposite side of the steps that appear after the ramladu battle

    "dark dragon card"
    Deliver the last blow with Mawlock

    "ramladu card"
    Narsha must deliver the final blow

    "chaos card"
    Deliver last blow with adam

    "Marionette card"
    Deliver last blow with Gort

    "rune knight card"
    Defeat the first Rune Knight with Max