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    Submitted by Scott Wright

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  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Jonathan

    To Win Drag Races

    1:Buy a Doge Viper.
    2:Tune the NA engine up to step 3.
    3:Change your exhaust system to racing.

    By then you should have 1474HP.Then to make it a little faster get racing tires and the transmission to racing.
    Good luck drag racing and after you get bored of that go to the sprint zone my highest speed with all of this done was 248 but be carefull turning while your going really fast because i spun so have fun sweeping the other cars

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Danno

    Fixing perpetual oversteer

    If you find your car oversteers too easy, or jumps into the walls of a course even without you touching the controller, then this simple mod will help wonders. Set your rear tires to soft, and your front to medium. This along with proper suspension tweaks will help keep your car on track.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Front Drive Car Cup, Rear Drive Car Cup and 4 Wheel Drive Car Cup

    Finish all the official races and the event races

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Fawad

    How to get the ultimate drag car

    Win all the races and go to the W.S.K races and win the front wheel drive car cup, when you win you get the Corrola WRC. When you get it, fully modify all it's parts and go to the 0-400 meter race and fix it's transmission, put the 1st gear at 30mph and add all the other gears up by 30mph and dust all the cars, I got 8.375 seconds. This car is best in the 400 meter race not the 1000 meter race.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Lee

    Ultimate fast car

    Get the doge viper and then upgrade the natural air aspiration and exhaust. Then it should reach 1495hp. Then adjust the gear ratios and you should go to the max speed track (sprint zone) and get alot of speed. I got 449km/h.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by joe

    Easy Money

    This is a realy good code so follow these instructions.1st:download the europe or japan version of the sega gt minigame.2nd:in the mini game go to training then job do the last job wich is construction.3rd:keep doing that job and earning money for as long as you want then when your done earning money go to memory card then mini game then upload and upload all your money and it will add up to the other cash you have it pays off.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Danno

    Winning SAME CAR TYPE races.

    A mild bug in the GT code allows you to race an EX type car in all levels of the SAME CAR TYPE races. For example I used a fully modified Cappuccino to win the EX level race. However, I could race that car in the B, A and SA class races too. The folks at Sega seemed to mod the larger cars to equal yours, but never mod the EX class cars. Easy win.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by The Big 87

    Make the Drag Master

    Make this car, follow these steps:
    Choose the 4000cc engine located in SA class.
    Select the V12 cylinder engine type.
    Select the Supercharger.(A V12 can only have a Supercharger if it has 4000cc's).
    Select the Mid and 4-wheel drive engine type.
    Select the "Venom" car-body. you name it, color it, and choose the body type.(I prefer type C colored Red). Reminder: This car is made for drag races (ie: Heat 1000). Before racing, tune every thing to the max.(It will work the best this way). Also, Right before a race, Go to "Set up" and Max the Supercharger boost. Go to transmission and go to final:
    On final, move it all the way to the left.
    (It should say 3.900). leave every thing eles alone (It doesn't matter ho hard or soft your suspension is). Have fun Dusting the Viper.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Danno

    Unlimited Money

    Requires two VMU modules.
    Save your game on both modules, then SEND
    cars from the 2nd VMU to the 1st VMU.
    Then load your game from the 1st VMU and either save the game back to the 2nd VMU or sell the cars. Work your way up to buying and selling the viper as you'll get $80,000 for each viper you sell. It only takes 13 vipers to make a million dollars.