Screenshots of Crackdown's new agents

Gamers who managed to get a first day copy of Microsoft's Crackdown have already got a gift waiting for them on Xbox Live - four new characters to bolster the game's roster of agents.

As you can see from our exclusive screenshots, the new agents are a nice mix of balaclava-d goon, big-sideburn bloke, cyberpunk pirate and - our personal favorite - man with a robot mask. Mind you, this is what these guys look like when they've advanced into the highest skill levels. You'll have to work long and hard for that voluminous afro if you're just starting the game.

The fresh content is free to download for all Xbox Live Gold members. You'll find the button right next to that of the currently grayed-out Halo 3 Beta in the Crackdown menus.

Check outour reviewof the gamehere.

February 20, 2007