Samurai Warriors Cheats

Samurai Warriors Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by NerdyBerdy

    Enemy strength

    The game has the enemy strength set on the characters level. For example, if you have a level 20 character on a level 1 character's level, the enemy will be more than the strength that the level 1 character can take. This makes the opposite true. If you have a level 1 character, then hard levels are made easier to compensate. Use this glitch to your advantage. Take a character with a level 4 weapon, restart him or her at the options screen and use the character to get his or her level 5 weapon. The AI will be on easy mode, and their attacks will be almost nil. However, you can use your level 4 weapon and tear through their forces with no problem. This makes those near impossible missions very easy.

  • Xbox | Submitted by NerdyBerdy

    Two Kunoichis

    Go to free mode, then select Kunoichi as your character. At the "Pick A Scenario" screen, select Yukimura's Tale. Then, select the first stage. When you start the level, another Kunoichi will appear behind you. The one that appears behind you is Yukimura's officer.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Teddy

    Faster Horse on Riding Mode

    (Only New Officer Mode)

    Follow Markers until you hit the Fork-in-the-road. Turn right at the fork and follow the trail until you come into the trail that follows into the end of the Lap. On the side of the road will be a horse one level higher than the one you have.

    Novice-Blue saddled horse
    Veteran- Darker colored horse
    Expert and Clan Test- Keiji's horse

  • Xbox | Submitted by Carl Mitchell

    Yukimura Sanada's wepons

    Yukimuara Sanada's first weapon is the Sickle Spear, which is the weapon he starts out with its base attack is 14.

    Yukimura Sanada's second weapon is the Cross Spear its base attack is 24 you can find it in any weapon box in any mission.

    Yukimura's third weapon is the Lunar Spear, base attack - 31 find in any box in any mission.

    Yukimura's fourth weapon is the Kouryuga, base attack 42. I found in the stage Seige of Osaka - Summer (also the Kouryuga is known as the red dragon because it resembles the tooth of one, the blade that is.

    All of these weapons can be found in Yukimura's Tale. (The fifth weapon I have not found yet)

  • Xbox | Submitted by AWESOME

    Matzukase Saddle

    First, go to the seige of Azuchi Castle on the Takeda army with anyone. When Mitsuhide tries to set flame to the castle, kill him. he is to the left of where you start. After you do that a gate on the right will open. Go inside. The gate will shut and many enemies will appear. Kill them in under one minute and a supply captain will appear. He will move to a gate and leave if you don't get him fast enough. A horse is good.

  • Xbox | Submitted by NerdyBerdy

    Guan Yu and Dong Zhou reference

    When you are inside Osaka castle, on the first floor you will find pictures of Guan Yu and Dong Zhou from the Dynasty Warriors series on the wall. Note: Try to find all the rooms in the first floor

  • Xbox | Submitted by NerdyBerdy

    Regain horse's full health

    Whenever your horse is about to die or has some damage done to it, get off, then get back on. The horse's health will be full again.

Samurai Warriors Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by Naruto =^_^=

    Alternate costumes

    Successfully complete Story (Musou) mode with any character, then highlight that
    person at the character selection screen and press B.

    Get a 100% completion with all fifteen default characters and a created
    character. Then, choose the alternate costume for your character, and all your
    opponents will also wear their alternate costumes.

    To unlock four more models for a created character, train a new general and get
    any weapon to an attack rating of 55 by the fourth month. Defeat the Strike
    Ninja that appears to challenges your school, the complete your training. This
    may be done up to three more times to unlock a total of four new models for your created character.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Bounty Hunter and Hard Mode

    Beat the game

Samurai Warriors Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Alex

    Power Names

    Create a new general and give him one of the following names for the desired stat increase:
    Damascus: All
    Doji: All
    Guan Yu: Sword, Naginata, Horse, Archery
    Honda: Sword attack power
    Kabuki: Spear, Naginata
    Kato: Sword and spear attack power
    Kojiro: Weapon
    Kondo: Spear attack, defence
    Kotarou: Sword and horse attack power
    Musashi: All
    Musasibou: Sword, spear, Horse
    Okita: Sword, spear
    Oyu: Spear, Horse, Archery
    Sakamoto: Sword, spear
    Sakon: Sword, spear
    Sasaki: Spear attack, ranged defense
    Shizuna: Jumping, Speed, archery
    Zhang Fei: Spear

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kunoichi

    Secret characters

    Magiochi Saika-Finish any one capaign

    Mesamune Date-Finish any TWO campaigns
    Shingen Takeda-Finish Yukimuras campaign

    Kunoichi-Finish Shingens and Honzos campaigns
    Ranmaru Mori-Finish Mitsuhides campaign

    Keiji Maeda-Finish Kenshins campaign

    Okuni-Finish Keiji Maedas campaign

    Goemon-Finish Okunis campaign

    Noh-Finish Ranmaru Mori's Campaign

    Nobunaga Oda-Finish Nohs, Magoichi's, and Oichis Campaigns(Trust me he's worth it!)

    Also Each character has an alternate costume you can unlock by beating that characters Campaign

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Legendary Scrolls and Great Items

    In survival mode, choose either tower or abyss.

    You must be patient and persistent about this cause you'll need it!

    1st scroll will be aquired after the 6th level. That would be the Earth scroll.

    2nd scroll is aquired after the 12th level. The Water scroll.

    3rd scroll is aquired after the 18th level. The Wind scroll.

    4th scroll is aquired after the 24th level. The fire scroll.

    The 5th and final scroll is the hardest. I can't even get to it after the 4th scroll. It's on the 30th level.

    But the great thing about failing is you get to start over again and can even find even more powerful items than before! So don't give up!Just explore the area fast. The best items are at the hardest levels. level 18 above!

    My suggestion here is to hit as hard as you can then RUN as far as you can. But the character which is best suited for this job is Keiji Maeda. Reach his 20th level and get his final weapon. you'd be an unstoppable force if you know how to use him.