Sacred Cheats

Sacred Glitches

  • PC | Submitted by The Dungeon Master

    Turn Two Combat Art Runes into Three

    At any combo master, when exchanging runes, you have to use at least 3 runes to get a 1/2 way decent chance of getting a rune you actually want. That's a major bummer.

    But don't fret, because I'm going to tell you how to make only 2 of your runes giveyou the result of 3!

    First thing you need to do is quick-save your game [F8] (preferably right by the Combo Master) Then do a rune exchange using only 2 runes. Chances are you will get a rune that is no good. (if it IS one you can use, then take it, no need to exploit!)

    Pick up that no-good rune and stick it in one of the exchange slots (do NOT put it into your inventory or close out the exchange window, the glitch will not work)

    After you have put the no-good run into the exchange slot do a quick-load [F9] (remember, do this while still in the exchange window!) After the game reloads click on the Combo Master again and go into the exchange window. Surprise! That no-good rune is still there and the 2 runes you wasted to get it are back in your inventory! You can't use it or put it in your inventory or anything. You may pick it up, but it won't do you any good. So, with that no-good rune still in the slot, put up 2 runes from your inventory and click the exchange button.

    Whamo! You get a random rune from YOUR class. If you don't like that rune, just stick it in the exchange slot and repeat the process.

Sacred Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by The hinter

    Various Cheats

    These are the cheats for the full version. Just start the game with the parameter /CHEATS=1 and press [~] while in the game to open the console. Now type in the following codes. (to start the game like this make a shortcut on your desktop and right-click it and select properties. Now add the CHEATS=1 to the end and click ok)
    sys cheats 963 - Activate cheat mode
    cheat lord - God mode
    cheat suicide - Suicide
    cheat teleport - Teleport
    cheat tp - Teleport
    cheat decap - Decapitate Mode
    sys cheats 369 - Disable Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Matt Tibbit

    Unlimited EXP

    If you want loads of free exp when you do the mission where Wilbur gets killed head south on the paths through the forest until you meet a lady on the left. She will give you a mission and if you complete it you can get the reward off of her again and again. A bug of course...I've only tried this with the gladiator though...

Sacred Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Shadow

    High Level Combat Skills

    Right with vampiress you start off with a chest right next to you open the chest and armor and claws of death (hard hit) comes out so take them and export character and quit and start new game and you still have a claws of death (hard hit) and repeat the open chest export and start new game to get a lot of claws of death (hard hit) im on level 20 hard hit so far

  • PC | Submitted by The hinter

    From Silver Creek to Porto Vallum alive

    When you play as Gladiator and enters Silver Creek, you will soon get a quest. In that quest you are going to Porto Vallum for the first time to meet a man! Then, I started to get problems, it is a huge hord of orcs and goblins spread all over the road from Silver Creek to Porto Vallum, now to the POINT!
    Buy a normal horse(speed:145) (helth:148), now follow the compass and ride fast to Porto Vallum, when you get there you have a large horde of orcs and goblins after you. Be quick and find the house over the blacksmith, hurry inn to the house and place the Gladiator as far as you can into the right corner. now you maybe have to kill som goblins, then you are stuck in the house, course outside there is some big orcs with clubs, take them out one by one and remember to wait after you kill them until you health is on top to attack the nekst, soon you are safe in Porto Vallum.