Rugby 2005 Cheats

Rugby 2005 Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by MaRsHaLl

    Scrum Line Drive

    When you are awarded a scrum near the other team's 5 meter line, use a mighty push to drive the opposition pack towards the goal line. Once in sight of the line, try a number 8 pick-up. This will greatly increase the odds of putting it over the line for 5 well-earned points

  • Xbox | Submitted by me is almighty

    To make opposition lose ground

    During a ruck that you are'nt winning and are not going to win, press L2 until you become a player to the side of the ruck (preferably toward the middle of the field) if you time it right you use this player to run at the player the the opposition pass to and make an easy tackle without being offside( as long as you wait until the ball is starting to be passed from the ruck) this will cause the opposition to lose some ground.( oh yeah make sure you use speed burst for max ground lossage)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Luke Hickey

    Dream Team in league mode

    I have found that the best team you can get in the world league is as follows:

    Prop: T.Woodman (Eng)
    Hooker: J.Paul (Aus)
    Prop: J.Hayes (Ire)
    Second row: M.Johnson (Eng)
    Second row: M.O'Kelly (Ire)
    Flanker: S.Betsen (Fra)
    Flanker: M.Bergamasco (Ita)
    No.8: S.Quinnell (Wal)
    Scrum Half: F.Michalak (Fra)
    Fly Half: J.Wilkinson (Eng)
    Wing: D.Howlett (Nzl)
    Wing: R.Caucaunibuca (Fig)
    Centre: T.Umaga (Nzl)
    Centre: B.O'Driscoll (Ire)
    Full Back: J.Robonson (Eng)

    This team is most of the time unbeatable even on hard and is the best team out of all that I have tried.