Rugby 2004 Cheats

Rugby 2004 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Jonny

    Hidden Team-Australia A

    Go to the credits and press ok. once credits have gone through go to exhibition match (or 'play now') and you should be able to choose Australia.

  • PC | Submitted by William 'Ake (tonga)

    Kicking a conversion

    When making a try....try trying far from the post...doing conversion look where the ball is placed and see which pole is closer to ball (alignly or parallel to the ball) move the arrow to that pole and stretch it upwards. Make sure the arrow is exactly on the post. kick make sure your power kick is high. sweet.

  • PC | Submitted by George Norgate

    Opposition Knock On

    When your opposition is kicking the at the same time tackle him and he should knock the ball and it will be your advantage or scrum

  • PC | Submitted by TOMMY

    Legendary Match Teams

    Do every thing in Hall of Fame, Challenge tracking!

  • PC | Submitted by john stirton

    Free Scrum

    When your opponent feeds the ball into the scrum (if they win it) you must try to turn the scrum before the ball is released from the back of the scrum. This will give you a free scrum. To do this, hold or tap the arrow button in the direction you want the scrum to go, at the same time hold down the A button, which will turn the scrum for you.