Rogue Spear: Black Thorn Cheats

Rogue Spear: Black Thorn Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by The Cheater

    Various Cheats

    During Play press ENTER to get the command widow then put in one of these codes

    panickedcolors (Map Draw) AI panicked colors
    normalcolors (Map Draw) AI normal colors
    roestatecolors (Map Draw) AI ROE colors
    roespeedcolors (Map Draw) AI ROE speed colors
    combatstatecolors (Map Draw) AI combat state colors
    behaviorcolors (Map Draw) AI behavior colors
    psychstatecolors (Map Draw) AI psycological state colors
    threatawarenesscolors (Map Draw) AI threat awareness colors
    awarenessstatecolors (Map Draw) AI aware colors
    alertnessstatecolors (Map Draw) AI alertness colors
    aiplancolors (Map Draw) AI plan colors
    levelmaps (Map Draw) level maps
    testplan (Map Draw) test plan
    drawplan (Map Draw) plan
    pathpointlinks (Map Draw) path point links
    coverpoints (Map Draw) cover points
    pathpoints (Map Draw) path points
    objectwalls (Map Draw) object walls
    obstaclewalls (Map Draw) obstacle walls
    teamshadow Team Invisible mode
    debugkeys Activate debug keys
    silentbutdeadly or fastactionresponseteam ?? Fart Mode??
    monocle Monocle Mode
    turnpunchkick Get 2D Players
    1-900 Get Heavy Breathing
    clodhopper Get Clodhopper mode
    meganoggin Get Mega head mode
    bignoggin Get Big head mode
    explore Victory Conditions
    stumpy Get Stumpy mode
    teamgod Get Team god mode
    wounddeath ?????

    avatargod Make character selected invincible
    nobrainer Turn off AI
    theshadowknows Invisible Mode
    5fingerdiscount Max Ammo
    explore Change victory conditions
    teamgod Team invincible