Rocky Balboa walks!

Yes, it might seem hard to believe it, but Rocky is well and truly back. Proof positive that Sly Stallone has slipped his aging legs back into Balboa’s spangly trunks (there’s an image that will require hours of scrubbing to remove from our minds) is up on the magical interweb thanks to the benevolent overlords at Sony.

Acting via their Rocky Balboa Blog (catchy!) the company has put up a link to a couple of minutes of footage. There’s no dialogue in the scene, just a moody sequence of the Rockster striding towards a fight through the bowels of an arena. We’re treated to plenty of meaningful looks between the crew, Rocky himself and his son, played by Milo Ventimiglia.

Of course, it’s impossible to tell how good or awful the new Rocky film will turn out to be based on a few minutes of wordless film, but people will try… See it for yourself by clicking here . You’ll have to wait until February next year for it to grace UK cinemas.

Source: ( Rocky Balboa Blog )

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