Robotech: Invasion Cheats

Robotech: Invasion Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Zero

    Three Stone Pool hint

    When playing as Tasha (red/brown) You will fall in a cave shortly after meeting Xed. He'll meet his contact and you will fall into the Three Stone Landmark. After awhile you'll get get to a room with tons of that yellowish/green stuff. Shot the little slides to drain the pool then you will move on.

  • Xbox | Submitted by KnightmrInArmr

    Defeating the Final Boss

    To defeat the final boss, all you must do is to keep blasting him with the big launcher to get him peeved, then he will shoot rockets. Note that when he is cloaked switch to thermal, and when he rushes you boost to the side. Then when he shoots rockets, turn on your cloak, and he will freeze. Then back away and switch to the Gallant (main weapon). Scope in on his eye, then snipe him. Repeat until he starts firing at the core, and drops his cloak. Then switch to the cannon, and keep firing. He will then be defeated.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Angel

    Better way to kill the blue guys with shields

    I have tried this many times. Instead of using the weapons that run on that green energy use the bullets weapons this will make it hit harder and make them die quicker if they take out they shields stop shooting until they put it back down otherwise you will waste bullets

Robotech: Invasion Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jedi Flastif

    Various Cheats

    To unlock the extras go to options and select extras and enter codes:
    Unlock Scott Bernards Cyclone (Multiplayer): LTNTCMDR
    Unlock Rook Bartleys Cyclone (Multiplayer): BLUEANGLS
    Unlock Lancers Cyclone (Multiplayer): YLLWFLLW
    Unlock Rands Cyclone (Multiplayer): KIDGLOVES
    Invincibility (Single Player Only): SUPERCYC
    Unlimmited Ammo (Single Player Only): TRGRHPY
    Unlock All Levels (Single Player Only): RECLAMATION
    One Hit Kills (Single Player Only):
    Note All Passwords Are Case Sensitive.