Robo-controversy over The Day The Earth Stood Still!

Since The Day The Earth Stood Still is such a beloved sci-fi classic, it was only natural that once real details about the remake got out, someone would be unhappy.

One of Ain’t It Cool ’s spies got his mitts on the script for the new film (which has already finished shooting) and is spitting nails over a reworked plot, an environmental message and the worst offender, details on a completely re-imagined (and possibly renamed) Gort. No longer the iconic metal man, it’s now apparently a scampering, four-legged metal menace that forms into a totem pole when it’s done.

AICN’s man also claims there’s no sign of Keanu’s character’s legendary “Klaatu barada nikto”, one of the commands used on the robot.

While it seems like the robot re-tool is definitely accurate, Keanu Reeves told MTV that he still uses the phrase that the 1951 movie made the stuff of film quote legend. Who’s right? We’ll have to see the movie…

Source: ( Aintitcool ) ( MTV )