Road Champs Cheats

Road Champs Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by keith rogers

    Level Codes

    training level 1 completed- T H 0 D
    training level 2 completed- T H B H
    training level 3 completed- S H 6 K
    training level 4 completed- S H J N
    training level 5 completed- S H W Q
    career mode available- R H Q T

  • GBA | Submitted by wierdoboy2oo0

    More Levels & BMX bike

    Go to password and type in tc4d and you'll have more levels and the bmx superbike w/pegs

  • GBA | Submitted by jojo


    Okay for the password to beat all the training levels it QGF7 but if you want to get a pass word for tournaments to then you can enter PG7. TO GET EVERYTHING !!

  • GBA | Submitted by I LOVE BMX

    Unlock Tournament

    Go to password and type in QKB7

  • GBA | Submitted by Road Champs BXS Champion

    Unlock All Levels

    Go to the password screen and type in PK.4.

  • GBA | Submitted by Dean

    Unlock Career Mode and Finish Training

    At the password screen, enter SBCT