Ring Fit Adventure is a great way to learn about the body and the way it works

Ring Fit Adventure
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ring Fit Adventure has many different ways of helping you achieve your health goals, and one that might not seem as obvious is the way it helps you learn more about the body. 

Nintendo’s comprehensive game teaches you about the body throughout, whether it’s in the handy hints and tips that come at the end of a session in Adventure Mode or through the game’s Quickplay mode that makes learning more about your body simple for any age group. 

This also extends to the info you get with each exercise, giving you an idea of which muscles you’ll be focusing on and allowing you to target the groups you want to work on. Aiming to give your upper body stretch? You’ll want to look out for the Front Press, where you’ll squeeze the Ring-Con in. Keep skipping leg day? Why not try some Knee Lifts to help get you moving!

The game also uses the Switch’s tech to help you monitor how your body reacts to exercises. You have the option of measuring your heart rate with the Joy-Con’s IR camera at the end of levels, learning how vigorously you exercised, so you know how to tailor the difficulty to match the level of effort you want to put in. 

So whether you’re looking to get the whole family learning more about the sort of stretches they should be trying, or just after a little extra knowledge for yourself, Ring Fit Adventure is encyclopedia-like when it comes to focusing on the body. And only £69.99, that's a low price to pay for the info you get.