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  • DS | Submitted by Jorba the xorba

    Constant Perfect Challenges

    Obtain a Medal on all 50 songs and there will no longer be any wait between Perfect challenges.

  • DS | Submitted by Songs

    Unlock All Songs

    Unlock all songs in the Jukebox - Perfect all 50 stages.

  • DS | Submitted by dave

    Hidden Telephone Songs

    Business Card toy - 5553282338
    Tunnel Endless game - 5557325937
    Samurai Slice Endless game - 5557268724
    Battle of the Bands - 5557625688.

  • DS | Submitted by Metal Man

    Airboard Minigam

    Airboard Minigame - Beat remixes 1 through 6

  • DS | Submitted by Metal Man

    Guitar Lessons

    Basic Guitar Lessons - Beat Rocker (Stage 6-3) and have at least 15 medals.
    Technical Guitar Lessons - Beat Rocker 2 (Stage 10-4) and have at least 35 medals

    Medals are unlocked by getting high scores on levels. You'll know when your score is high enough because you'll get a medal.