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Retro BioShock Infinite posters are an old fashioned tease

If you weren't at the E3 press event last week (read: pre-party for cool people), then you weren't one of the priviledged few to get up close and personal with Irrational Games's newest batch of promotional posters for BioShock Infinite. Disguised as Columbia ads and Founder propaganda, the stylized art pieces offer a glimpse at the upcoming game's weaponry, characters and themes. They also do a fine job of upping the BioShock Infinite buzz, which is probably the reason by Irrational has now made them available for public viewing:

The ads were illustrated by Irrational artist Mike Swiderek, with the propagandawork provided by co-worker Jorge Lacera. The developer says it plans to plaster them all over its booth at E3 in June, as well as feature them in the game itself. As for selling framed copies to hang onthe wall, this is a suggestion I just made up now, and really hope Irrational takes into consideration.

[Source:Irrational Games]

May 25, 2011

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