Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes Cheats

Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Game Master

    Go to any level

    Go to training mode.Go to time trail. Select a level. When the level starts press start and select exit. Then go to password and press start.

  • GBA | Submitted by Delicia Gurisko

    Level Codes

    The codes are in boxes that are divided into four sections. There is no code for level one simply start a new game.
    Level 2 circle square
    slash slash
    Level 3 slash square
    slash circle
    Level 4 circle X
    Triangle square
    Level 5 square square
    triangle circle
    Level 6 circle triangle slash square

  • GBA | Submitted by Mike da best of da west

    How to beat a level

    On levels if you don't know how to finish it (like me I was wandering around about 1-2 hours trying to get to the next level) its easy after you know all you have to do is rescue all the people and go to the little helicopter or lift whatever it is at the end of the level and fly up.
    P.S. To make that thing fly you have to rescue all people.