Master alchemy and fight the plague in Remedium's post-apocalyptic Renaissance shooter

Remedium appearing in the Future Games Show Summer Showcase
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Remedium finally answers the question of what a post-apocalyptic Renaissance world would look like as part of the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel.

A hundred years after a terrible plague ravaged the land and turned almost everyone into monstrous and insane mutants, you're one of the last few survivors. Or were until you got infected. Now it's a race against time to find a cure in this twin-stick shooter full of guns, quick reactions, and alchemy.  

It's been a hundred years since the Grey Plague tore through the world and reduced people to mindless mutants, chimeras and worse - the few who survived have lived on in huge fortress cities, shielded from the horrors outside. This was your life until you were infected while exploring outside the walls for food. With little time before the disease progresses, you now have to fight your way through a land filled with monsters to try and find a cure while you're still human enough to use it. 

This journey will see you taking on a range of diverse threats - from chimeras to mutants, elementals, gargoyles, golems, and more. To fight back you'll have an arsenal of weapons like muskets and flamethrowers, enhanced with alchemical upgrades and elemental ammo. Depending on what you use you'll be able to control the fight by shocking or freezing your enemies, or using a host of other tricks. 

That's because your combat abilities don't stop there: as the disease progresses and the symptoms develop, you'll be able to turn some of the effects into strengths you can use in the fight. Then there are the alchemical skills that let you master medieval science to brew and craft injections, amalgams, and potions to enhance your abilities.   

Join the Discord for the latest info on the game, or follow the developer Sobaka Studio on Twitter for more. 

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