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    Submitted by J. Phillips

Reign of Fire Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Dante

    Let's Fly Let's Fly Away

    At the level origin of a species after completion you will unlock dragon. You probably know this. The first level is the tower [im talking about dragons] which you'll replay a lot when you're stuck on level 2.

  • GameCube | Submitted by DeathRose

    Infinite Napalm

    You've probably realized how annoying it is when u run out of napalm and scorch an enemies? well then this is the hint for u!
    when trying to kill a guy and the fire bar goes down...just rapidly hit the but on for napalm!
    the bar never goes don!!!!
    the only downside, less damage do they take

  • GameCube | Submitted by Godwin

    Complete Mission 2 Easily

    (Warning, doing this wont award you a medal)
    Ok, in mission 2 (fallen angels) Van Zan will order you to protect the engineers. But don't listen to him...Stay safe at the fort and wait for them to come home again. (Stay close to the main entrance). 1 or 2 jakyls might attack but not much more. Beware though, when the brave guys arrive again, loads of dragons will arrive with them so stay sharp.
    The mission will end when the main car has driven far into the fort. Good luck :)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Pyro Punk

    Win Crop Level

    Never let go of your water canon if you want to live. Because when you are on fire sometimes it will put you out. And it will always put out the dragons flames as they blow it at you. Saving you health quite a lot!

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All Levels

    Click on Passwords and then type:
    dy39gjb7w and then you can play at all levels. Also reported as: 9XL?GSB78

  • PS2 | Submitted by nick

    Pick Level

    Go to the main menu and press Up, Left, Circle, Circle, Left, Left, Square, Down, Up, Circle.
    Get Invincibility
    During game play press X, Triangle, Right, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Down, Right, Circle, Circle.
    Skip Level
    During game play press Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Right, Up, X.
    Get Goat Mode
    During game play press Triangle, Right, Left, Left, Circle, Triangle, Square, Right, Up.
    Get More Damage
    During game play press X, Triangle, Right, Up, Right, Triangle, Circle, Right.
    Burn Stuff
    During game play press Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Square, Circle.
    Dragon Levels
    Beat six of human levels to unlock dragon levels
    Beat the last level
    Go to where the last dragon is on the map and kill it first and take the egg then kill the second dragon then kill the last kill the last dragon that way you can get to the base before time runs out.

  • PS2 | Submitted by albertl0025

    Gameshark codes

    You must own a Gameshark device for these codes
    1E Enable Code (Must Be On) FA7A006E 32C71A69
    Unlock All Levels (Unlock Dragon) 2ADB25A7 C0C0C0FF
    Human Codes
    Always Max Primary Ammo 2AEB3A0F 24060063 2AD33A0F AC660328
    Always Max Secondary Ammo 2A633A08 24060063 2A6B3A08 AC66032C
    Infinite Primary Ammo (On-Pickup) 2A273F5E 00000000
    Extra Primary Ammo (On-Pickup) 1AC2C911 00000001
    Infinite Secondary Ammo (On-Pickup) 2AA73F5A 00000000
    Extra Secondary Ammo (On-Pickup) 1A46C915 00000001
    Infinite Health 2A073F8C 3C014448 2A033F8C 03E00008 2A0F3F8C AC81008C
    Dragon Codes
    Infinite Napalm Breath 2A733801 00000000
    Infinite Fireball 2A073802 00000000 2A57381C 00000000
    Infinite Stamina 2ABF3FF0 00000000 2A9F3FDB 00000000
    Infinite Health 2ABB382F 3C014516 2AA7382F 03E00008 2AA3382F AC81008C
    Have Human Award Modifier Codes
    Basic Training 0A2E216A 000000??
    Into The Breach 0A2D216A 000000??
    Fallen Angels 0A2C216A 000000??
    Firefight 0A232169 000000??
    Storm Front 0A222169 000000??
    Origin Of Species 0A212169 000000??
    London's Burning 0A202169 000000??
    Bullfight 0A272169 000000??
    Ashes To Ashes 0A252169 000000??
    Have Dragon Award Modifier Codes
    Proving Grounds 0A242169 000000??
    The Tower 0A3B2169 000000??
    Terminus 0A3A2169 000000??
    Retribution 0A392169 000000??
    Slipping The Net 0A382169 000000??
    Bitter Harvest 0A3F2169 000000??
    Apocalypse 0A3E2169 000000??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Human Award Modifier Codes
    00 - No Award
    01 - Bronze
    02 - Silver
    03 - Gold
    04 - Platinum
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Dragon Award Modifier Codes
    00 - No Award
    01 - Flame
    02 - Blaze
    03 - Inferno
    04 - Firestorm