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Red Faction: Battlegrounds Cheats

Red Faction: Battlegrounds is weird. Previous Red Faction titles made you rethink how you approached situations. Battlegrounds carries those thoughts away and replaces them with Super Off Road, guns and explosions. Emphasis on explosions.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Red Faction: Battlegrounds achievements

    Achievement list

    Take That, Winters! (40 points)
    Gain a Gold Star in All Training Missions

    Helping hands (5 points)
    Complete Your First Local Multiplayer Game

    Taste of Victory (5 points)
    Win an Xbox LIVE Game

    Welcome to the Faction (5 points)
    Gain Your First Rank

    The Skills to Pay the Bills (15 points)
    Unlock All of the Training Missions

    Bling (20 points)
    Gain a Gold Badge in 5 Player Awards

    The Running Man (10 points)
    Earn a Gold Star in a Survival Training Mission Without Using Any Weapons

    Going Up in the World (15 points)
    Get To Rank 10

    Faction Leader (50 points)
    Get To Rank 20

    The Black Hole (15 points)
    Kill All Other Players With The Singularity Bomb in a 4 Player Xbox LIVE Game

    Total Carnage (10 points)
    Kill 5 Opponents in a Row Without Dying in an Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Game

    Scrap Metal (10 points)
    Get a Quad Kill in the Training Missions

    A Taste of Armageddon (10 points)
    Earn at least a Bronze Star in all the Armageddon Pack Training Missions

    Rampage (15 points)
    Destroy 35 Enemies in the Frostbite Training Mission

    A Taste of Origins (10 points)
    Earn at least a Bronze Star in all the Origins Pack Training Missions

    Tormentor (15 points)
    In Race Mode, Kill a Player 3 Times When They're on Their Last Lap